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Individual – Preparing your own income tax return can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers. At 7M we help you avoid the common mistakes that could be the difference between you owing or getting a refund.

Business – It is too easy to spend too much of your time dealing with tax issues when you have a business to run. Call us and we will gladly assist you simplify your business tax data gathering process and help you prepare the various business tax returns and other required forms.

Our low fees are a testament on our goal to help our clients.


7M provides a full range of cost effective accounting services to help you stay organized.

  • Quickbooks Online
  • General Ledger Accounts
  • Financial Statements (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)


We provide Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Payroll processing with;

  • Direct Deposit
  • Electronic Tax Filing
  • Electronic Tax Payments
  • Payroll services includes monthly, quarterly, and yearly forms like W2s, 1099s, 941s, 940s etc.


At 7M we walk you through the steps and guide you to the correct resources depending on your type of business. Whether you are looking to start a business or you are already a business owner, proper planning can help you avoid critical mistakes.

  • Accounting System Implementation
  • Payroll System Implementation
  • Business Plan