Abraham Lincoln once said, “whatever you are, be a good one.” Well, that quote rings true to small business owners. Whether it is serving as a HR professional, CEO, Communications Director or even the CFO – small business owners do it all. But when it comes to managing finances, this is one task they should outsource.

Finances are the least favorite task of small business owners for it can be quite tedious. Balancing a checkbook or even reconciling a bank statement can be time consuming especially if the numbers do not add to the correct amount. And if you are a business owner that also has employees, then you know how confusing and challenging payroll can be.

It is amazing how much more effective your business will be run and easier when you don’t have to worry about all the bookkeeping going on within your business. You can solely concentrate on your business itself and make it even better when you don’t have to worry about your books.

Here are a few reasons of why it’s important to have a bookkeeper:

1. Eliminating Your Own Time Spent Bookkeeping
By outsourcing your bookkeeping – you are able to do what you finally were wanting to do – run your business! A bookkeeper will ensure your finances are in order and will communicate with you if there are ever any discrepancies. This means you are now free to attend networking functions and get other things crossed out on your to-do list.

2. Prevention of errors & data entry mistakes
There are two things that will make or break your business; cash flow and expenses. If you don’t have enough cash flow, you will not be able to maintain staying in business or if your expenses exceed your cash flow you will not be able to stay in business. That is why it is important to have a bookkeeper who will help minimize expenses and maximize cash flow.

3. Your real accounting solution
Believe it or not, accounting software can’t do everything. Although QuickBooks and Wave Accounting have now made it easier to track expenses, there is no way of knowing if you are actually using the software properly. By not having the proper knowledge to correctly the use these accounting programs, a simple mistake could cost your business a lot of money when it comes to taxes. With a professional assisting you with your books, you will be in a better place.

Small business owners wear many hats; but bookkeeper does not have to be one of them. Let 7M Business Solutions wear that hat and I promise you notice how better it feels. Give us a call for a free consultation.